Coffee Van Business for Sale: Why Invest?

As an entrepreneur seeking a profitable opportunity, investing in a coffee van business for sale might be your next success story.

Sipping a cup of hot or cold coffee is a growing trend nowadays. Thanks to the highly successful marketing campaigns of huge coffee shops with a warm and cosy ambience, more and more Aussies are hooked in this beverage. Their desire for this drink has gone a notch further that many of Australian professionals cannot work well without having a coffee break. Many of them need a jolt of caffeine to make their minds focused and attentive to their tasks.

With this fact, you may be already seeing the profit potential of acquiring a coffee van business for sale. Wait till you see the other juicy benefits of this franchise opportunity offered by Xpresso Mobile Café that can give you huge income:

Successful System

Xpresso’s founder Darren Schultz, is a known coffee enthusiast who has been in the café industry since he was 22. In 2002, he launched his first Xpresso in Milton, Brisbane. Since then, he was able to serve a perfect blend of the beverage near the offices of his customers through a coffee van. This business concept became a hit, which led to the acquisition of more and more vans within several months. The success of this model prompted Darren to franchise the business.

As a potential franchisee, you can get a taste of this success story by acquiring a coffee van business for sale.

Award-Winning Support

Not all franchisers can give you the hands-on and reliable support that you can get from Xpresso Mobile Café. Whilst others are contented in providing you with a training on how to brew the beverage and operate the business as well as a vehicle where they are served to customers, Darren has taken many steps further ahead of his competitors. The franchise has added many features to their coffee van business for sale, which includes:

  • Access to huge territories where you can sell the products. The company even notify your events within your area, which means more income on certain occasions.
  • A free downloadable Android and iOS app where you can get orders and payments. You can also get in touch with your customers and get their loyalty through the many features of the app.
  • Supply of delectable cookies, pastries and other food that enhances the drinking experience of the beverage
  • Comprehensive and in-depth training that can help you start raking in profits within a month.

With this extensive backing of this successful company, you can have a franchise that was included in the top ten finalists in the 2016 Top Franchise awards.

After reading the benefits of investing in a coffee van business for sale from Xpresso Mobile Café can boost your income you should have considered this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Valuable opportunities come rarely in your lifetime. Don’t let this chance pass by. Visit the company’s website now to discover more about the serious earning potential Xpresso Mobile Café is willing to provide you such as investing in a coffee van franchise.