Start Your Coffee Van Business Now!

Starting an Xpresso Mobile Café coffee van franchise business is a good opportunity for those who want to be their own boss. Why not? It’s now a very popular drink. According to statistics, coffee drinkers increase yearly, creating a huge demand for beans. This makes it a prime product to invest in.

Investing in this type of business allows you to take control of your income. You can have what every employee wants: to be your own boss. Selling items, even food and drinks on vans has become a popular way to minimise the cost of starting and operating businesses, making it great for start-up companies.

Taking a chance at a coffee van business takes a lot of hard work. Even though you’ve minimised the start-up costs, you’ll still be investing your hard-earned money into the project. A methodological approach is best in these situations, to avoid mistakes. If you’re thinking of starting this type of venture, here’s how:

It all starts with the right beans.

If you’re serving coffees, you’d better know your beans. Flavourful grinds are essential to getting a good brew. Do some research on the different type of beans in your region. Make sure that the beans can easily be sourced. Avoid ordering them from abroad, as this can raise costs significantly. Locally sourced products are key. This ensures that every cup is consistently made.

You should also decide how many varieties of beans you’ll offer. For small vans, it’s better to limit your options to a maximum of three (two varieties and one decaf). Smaller spaces won’t be able to accommodate so many machines, and you might find it hard to make the orders if there are so many types to choose from. It’s riskier and costlier to offer a wide variety of beans as well, especially for a start-up.

If you invest in a coffee van business from us, you won’t have any problems on where to source the beans. We make sure we’ve selected them from the best beans of the premium Di Bella Coffee.

Start with a plan.

You can’t just jump right in a project like this without a plan. Just like regular businesses, you need to plan carefully. If you’re planning to get a loan from the bank, you will also need to present your business plan to be considered. On a personal note, it will help you focus on important goals, and track your progress as you go along. Your business plan should include:

  • Objectives – What do you want out of this project? What is your vision? Are you doing this to serve the community? Are you focused on ecologically sustainable coffee? Do you want to eventually have a brick-and-mortar store in 6 months?
  • Steps – How will you achieve these goals? Make a detailed, step-by-step methodology.
  • Costing/Projections – How much will you need to start? In 6 months, how well do you expect the business to grow?
  • Products/Services – What products are you willing to offer? Will it just be brewed coffees, or will you be repackaging beans as well?
  • Sales and Marketing – What’s your target demographic and how will you reach out to them?
  • Market research/Customer analysis – Is there another coffee van business in the area? What’s your demographic like?

Starting on this venture is hard, but the people at Xpresso Mobile Cafe can offer easy, cost-effective solutions for the aspiring entrepreneur.

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