Ever Experienced a Coffee Van Wedding Reception?

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Having a cup of coffee in the morning can leave anyone with a delightful and refreshing feeling. A hot cup of this morning beverage is just the thing that a person needs to start the day with an uplifted spirit, and it also help weary employees finish their work shifts after their breaks. Offering a cup of brew is an ideal way to welcome your house guests and make them feel comfortable.

Xpresso Mobile Café is a coffee franchise system that has been serving Di Bella Coffee to residents of Australia in Mercedes Vito vans since 2002. Our experienced staff is dedicated to providing the best customer service on wheels.

A coffee van wedding reception is a unique way of keeping the guests lively as they celebrate the special occasion throughout the day or night. The newlyweds, their families and their guests can have a personalised beverage menu to suit their tastes and requirements.

This novel and fun concept is a great way for the bride and groom to express their creativity and is perfect for a number of reasons:


The display can be customised.

The bar can be part of the coffee van wedding reception theme. This will encourage the bride and groom to go crazy with the display and decorations to the point that they are either colourful, daring or bold. Since this is a unique area of the reception, guests will be drawn to it and they will know where to get their favourite morning beverage from. All the couple has to do is work with the staff of the mobile café service so that their displays will go together.


Everyone can try out new and exciting flavours of coffee.

The barista is responsible for creating the beverages that everyone loves, and he or she knows how to brew various blends and twists of cappuccino, espresso and latte. Guests can request for their drinks to be made differently, and the barista might just have some coffee beans from different countries or regions. This can result in a myriad of coffee flavours to try out!


Guests can be amazed by some coffee art.

Compared to the usual sodas or vending machines that are present in public areas, a barista who is skilled at creating coffee art with the ingredients will always delight guests and leave them with a great impression of the coffee van wedding reception.

As a bonus, if the barista can make coffee art that fits the marriage ceremony, it will be like magic!

We know by now that coffee is a beverage that must be present in any occasion. This is why Xpresso Mobile Café continues to do its best to offer the perfect morning beverage every time. If Philip Di Bella is proud to endorse our business, you can be sure of the best customer service and great coffee.

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