Coffee Vans: Why You Need to Franchise?

Franchising has a lot to offer individuals who are planning to start a business. In fact, it’s the simplest way to earn money especially if you’re franchising a good brand. Coffee vans are increasing in popularity today and it has a great potential.

A few years back, coffee shops suddenly become a hit and can be seen nestling in almost every corner of the streets. We can spot them near universities and commercial district. However, people have no time to walk a few blocks just to get a drink. They purchase something that’s accessible, so they can save time from walking. This is where coffee vans come in.

Think about this: you no longer need to pay the hefty utility bills every month and rent isn’t something to worry about. This setup is truly profitable and easy to setup, so why not give it a chance?


Here are the reasons why it’s time for you to franchise a coffee van:

Better sales opportunity

With coffee vans, the operation is flexible because you can be anywhere. Name it: parks, schools, birthday parties and other events. You can even participate in a private event and get a fixed rate. Overall, this kind of business has better sales opportunity because the mobile is moving.

Think about how many individuals you can serve coffee in a day. Move across the city and acquire loyal customers with a tasty brew.


Complete package

Starting a business from scratch can be challenging because you’ll develop a product, register the brand and more. Not to mention buying supplies, coffee bean and a van. If this is too much for you, check out Xpresso Mobile Café and see the franchising packages perfect for you.

With a minimum capital, you’ll get all the things you need to operate. You’ll have your own personalised mobile café smartphone application, high-grade generators, full training of staff and more. Xpresso Mobile Café also has multiple ‘focus areas’ where you can sell the drinks and pastries.


Steady income and profit

As a bonus, Xpresso Mobile Café gives you access to several events and doesn’t charge you for it. This way, franchisees can have steady income and profit. The weekly administration fee comes at a terrific value of $179. It already covers the Google marketing, company email address and the smartphone app technology.

We all know that coffee is always in season that’s you can sell it any time of the year. To improve your sales, you can create different promotions that would catch the attention of the public.


Tested products and operations

Unlike creating a new business where you do all the work, franchising a brand is much better because all the products are already tested. The operations are organised, so you don’t have a hard time juggling the marketing and sales. Everything is already provided to the franchisees so there’s nothing to worry about.

To learn more about the products, rates and other information, make sure to visit the website of Xpresso Mobile Café.