Crop to Cup

At Xpresso Mobile Cafe, we believe in supporting the communities that are the source of our coffee products.  It’s in our DNA.  We choose to use Di Bella Coffee because of their well established ‘Crop to Cup’, green bean buying program.

Crop to CupThe program focuses on building skills locally, providing job security and growth opportunities for local workers, upholding ethical practices and encouraging sustainable farming. The initiatives that the program supports will not only improve the quality of green beans, but the quality of life for those who produce them.

Di Bella Coffee’s green bean Specialist travels to origins (coffee growing regions) working directly with the growers who supply our coffee, to select the highest quality crops, ensuring they are grown and farmed under ethical and sustainable conditions.

Di Bella Coffee selects only the most responsible coffee growers and rewards them with prices that reflect the high quality of their crop. This in turn, affords the opportunity to implement positive changes for their workers, through respectful employment, healthcare and educational programs for them and their children.

The personal markings on Di Bella Coffee bags are evidence of their direct trade relationship with farmers.

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