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IT ALL STARTS HERE!  We believe no question is a silly question.  We have answered the most common questions below. Your research and due diligence should include comparing us to our competitors!   Once you have read this information you will be in a great position to decide whether you want to contact us to have a meeting.

We are based in Brisbane however if you are interstate, we would love for you to visit us to experience time with an existing franchisee, meet the franchisor, experience the Di Bella Coffee training and roasting rooms.  We will take care of your transfers and lunch is provided.  If you do move forward with a franchise, we will cover the cost of your flights! What have you got to lose?!

Am I required to work in the van?

Yes, at least at the start to learn everything about the business. We believe that the most successful franchises are those which are run by the actual owner. This arrangement ensures that the franchise partner fully understands every aspect of the franchise operation. The Xpresso Mobile Café franchise opportunity is suited only to those people who want to be actively involved in managing their business and do not see it as a passive investment opportunity.

What do I need to become an Xpresso franchise partner?

Passion, drive, energy and excellent customer service, leadership and communication skills. You also need to have a positive attitude and a willingness to work hard as an owner / manager and to follow the Xpresso guidelines and systems. A background in retail / food / hospitality and previous business management experience are ideal but not essential. Of course, you also need to have access to the required funds. Ideally, you will need approx $40 000 in cash or property equity and the rest we can arrange equipment finance. The entry cost for your new Xpresso Mobile Cafe franchise is $115,000 + GST. (nationwide)

What do I get?

Becoming part of the Xpresso Mobile Café franchise family is a great opportunity to run your own business while being part of an established network. Benefits include the potential to earn strong returns via a proven and profitable business model; the ability to leverage the strength of the Xpresso Mobile Café brand and purchasing power; ongoing training, operations and marketing support and access to Xpresso Mobile Café intellectual property and systems. In addition to these benefits, we hope you will have some fun and enjoy being part of the Xpresso Mobile Café team!

What is covered in the initial investment?

The initial investment is $115,000 + GST.  This investment delivers a turn‐key franchise operation, equipment, start-up stock, stationery, uniforms and a once‐off Franchise Fee.  This is all useless though without systemized training and paying customers!  We will train you all aspects of your new business AND help you find your loyal customers – by the end of Week 3 of training, you will have both cash flow and many happy customers!

What about ongoing fees?

To ensure the provision of ongoing operational support of the Xpresso Mobile Cafe brand, rather than a % of turnover fee, which can ultimately penalise franchisees when they have a great week or month etc, we have a fixed fee structure.  Your first three months is only $50 + GST per week!  Months 4 and 5 is $100 + GST per week and then from Month 6 is fixed at $150 + GST per week.  That’s it! No CPI increases.  We do not currently have a separate marketing fee/levy although we will still, from time to time, send you events that we collect through our website, 1300 number and direct though Di Bella Coffee.

Will I need any other money to start?

Yes, you will need to budget for your own legal and financial advisor costs and in addition any insurance you may require. It is recommended to allow for a minimum of $5,000 working capital.

Is everything purchased through Xpresso Mobile Café?

No, not everything.  All Di Bella Coffee products and cups/lids are purchased through us.  Milk and your choice of food items are purchased through other suppliers.

Can I own a franchise with a business partner?

Xpresso Mobile Café encourages spouse and sibling franchise partnerships and will consider other partnership arrangements on an individual basis.

Can I own more than one Xpresso Mobile Café?

Possibly. We expect that our most successful franchise partners will be likely to own more than franchise once they have proven themselves and their performance at their initial restaurant. Applications to become a multi‐van operator will be assessed on an individual basis.  We supply the 2nd van in the same territory at cost price + usual ongoing franchise fees.

How are areas assessed?

Xpresso Mobile Café carries out research on potential areas and receives advice prior to entering into franchise negotiations to ensure that franchise partners are privy to prime locations. Franchise partners are not obligated to accept proposed areas and should conduct their own area evaluations before signing the Franchise Agreement. Of course, they are also welcome to suggest potential areas for Xpresso Mobile Café to consider. Check out our available territories

What is the process to become a franchise partner?

Refer to the Pathway to Becoming a Franchise Partner page.

Download Pathway PDF

What is unique about the Xpresso franchise offer?

Xpresso Mobile Café has an exclusive license with Di Bella coffee to use and supply their products.  Franchisees also have the unique ability to bag and grind beans ‘on the spot’ for businesses that may just require coffee for their own communal coffee machine. The business model has commercial viability and strong consumer appeal, capitalising on the demand for quality, fresh espresso coffee anywhere, anytime.

The Xpresso Mobile Café management team is both professional and reputable, with extensive marketing, retail and sales experience across small, medium and large sized businesses. Great importance is placed on branding, teamwork and a strong culture that sets us well apart from competitors.

We are a young, growing company with the momentum and confidence to expand our presence on a national scale. We believe that our franchise opportunity offers tremendous value for the investment made.  We are confident that we will establish Xpresso Mobile Café as Australia’s Number 1 premium, mobile coffee company. We are on a national hunt for budding entrepreneurs who are passionate about coffee and have the commitment and drive to successfully manage their own small business.  Will you join us?

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