Hot Drinks


The ‘Italian’ drink served with espresso, hot milk and steamed milk foam with a sprinkle of chocolate on top. Absolutely sensational.


One third espresso, two thirds steamed milk and layer of foamed milk. A smooth classic.

Flat White

An Australian favourite made from one third espresso and two thirds steamed milk


The ‘Café Mocha’ consists of one third espresso, two thirds steamed milk blended with hot chocolate.

Hot Chocolate

The name says it all. Recent studies show that hot chocolate possesses the health benefits found in Cacao. Feel better now.

Espresso (Short Black)

25 – 30 mls of coffee concentrate produced from 93 degree water being forced through 6 – 7 grams of finely ground Di Bella coffee beans for 20 – 30 seconds.


An espresso (as above) that has been ‘marked’ or ‘stained’ with a dash of warm milk and a fine layer of foamed milk.

Long Black

A double shot of espresso over hot water whilst retaining the coffee crema. This will help you get your day going.

Cold Drinks

Espresso Kick+ is a real, authentic coffee experience, that doubles as a natural energy boost. It is lactose free and has no artificial colours or flavours and with low sugar and a hint of caramel it is low GI.

Espresso Kick+

A natural, no fat and low in sugar, alternative to artificial energy drinks and iced coffees. Espresso Kick+ has a totally different ingredient profile, with its core ingredient being extracted from premium grade coffee beans. It contains pure, natural coffee and has a rich and 100% natural source of caffeine.

Coffee Frappe

A refreshing blend of espresso, chilled milk and ice. Coffee for summer.

Mocha Frappe

A stunning blend of espresso, chocolate, chilled milk and ice to help you feel great.

Chocolate Frappe

Smooth chocolate, chilled milk, ice and topped with chocolate.

Choc Strawberry Frappe

Chocolate and strawberry with chilled milk, ice and topped with chocolate.

Fruit Smoothies

A fabulous cold drink made with crushed ice, and your choice of fruit. Flavour Options:

  • Vanilla
  • Strawberry
  • Mango
  • Banana
  • Tropical

Subject to availability, a range of freshly baked muffins and pastries, chocolates and biscuits will be available.

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