Xpresso Mobile Café


The Xpresso concept was born when Darren Schultz, the company founder, decided to take coffee to people instead of them having to visit a coffee shop for the popular brew.  In fact, Darren was most likely one of the first guys in Australia to try to put a espresso coffee machine inside a van!

Schultz, who has been in business since he was 22 years of age, witnessed the rise of the coffee phenomenon whilst owning a hairdressing salon on Park Road, Milton, which at the time was Brisbane’s café mecca.


The first Xpresso started in Milton, Brisbane in 2002, offering fresh café quality coffee directly to the desks of the local workers. Every Xpresso Mobile Coffee Van can produce the full range of hot and cold beverages that are found in a traditional coffee shop. Customers can choose to come out to the operator for their break or stay in their office or boardroom and have us deliver it to them. Each van is run by three operational virtues – friendliness, cleanliness and quality.

The overwhelming response to the first operation in 2002 led to the quick succession of additional vans within several months. The success of the concept led to the decision to franchise the business, an exciting move that allowed Xpresso to reach the next stage in development and establish itself as Australia’s Number 1 mobile coffee system!

In 2013, the Xpresso concept further evolved to meet customer expectations.

Xpresso Mobile Cafés are now THE premium mobile coffee franchise system in Australia.  Xpresso Mobile Cafés have an exclusive license to use Di Bella Coffee and Philip Di Bella is a proud Xpresso Mobile Café ambassador.  After all, why should specialty coffee only be available at a fixed address café?  Not anymore!


Xpresso Mobile Café Coffee Van – 2013


Our Mercedes Benz Vito vans prominently display the Di Bella Coffee brand and stock a range of the finest artisan coffee beans that can also be ground and bagged ‘on the spot’.  Each mobile café has a coffee bean display cabinet from which customers can choose their favorite blend to purchase.

Our on-board freezers stock Ben & Jerry’s ice creams as well as frozen yoghurt and other ice cream products.

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The Xpresso Mobile Cafe Operations Team